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The e-Antique.eu internet content provider data protection and management principles and practices

I. e-Antique.eu Internet content provider hereby publishes data protection and - management principles and policies - which recognizes binding itself. Present regulations is taken into account in particular the 1992nd LXIII. law and the protection of the public interest in disclosure of data, the 1998th Act VI of personal data. Law for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, Strasbourg, promulgation of the agreement dated the 28th day of January 1981st provisions or the "ONLINE PRIVACY ALLIANCE".

This notice is intended to all areas of services, each individual, without regard to the nationality or residence of ensuring that the rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular the right to privacy with respect to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Privacy).

II. Definitions In the application of this notice:

Personal data: the specific natural person (hereinafter referred to as relevant) associated with the data, this data deductible from such information. The personal data will retain its quality during the processing of data as the data connection can be restored;

Special data:

a) racial origin, nationality, national or ethnic origin, political opinion or party affiliation, religious or other beliefs,

b) the health, addictions, sexual life, and personal data on criminal convictions;

c) Data Management: Regardless of the method used in the collection, recording, storage, processing and use (including transfer and disclosure) and deletion of personal data. Data handling and changing of data can prevent further use;

method and device, and location of the application used to perform operations on data management operations, technical tasks, independently d) data processing

e) of data: if you make a third person for the data;

f) disclosure: make the data available to the public;

g) data: a natural or legal person or legal entity without a body who or which defines the purpose of the processing of personal data and take decisions on data and implement the execution or entrust a data processor. In cases of compulsory treatment purpose and conditions, as well as the data controller of the data processing is determined by the law or government decree ordering data processing;

h) data processing: the natural or legal person or entity without legal personality who or which processes personal data on behalf of the controller;

i) deletion of data making data unrecognizable in such a way that the restoration is not possible;

j) automated data file of data undergoing automatic processing;

k) automatic processing includes the following operations if carried out in whole or in part by automated means: storage of data, logical and arithmetic operations, alteration, deletion, retrieval and dissemination of information in the data.

III. The quality of the data, that is, the requirements for personal data undergoing automatic processing:

a) the data must be processed fairly and lawfully obtained and processed;

b) the data can only be stored for specified and legitimate purposes and not used in a different way;

c) the purpose for which the data is stored must be proportionate and must comply with this objective, not expand beyond;

d) accurate and, where necessary should be kept up to date;

e) the method of data storage should be such that it allows for no longer than necessary for the purpose of storing the identity of the data subject,

f) shall not be mechanically processed to racial origin, political opinions, religious or other beliefs, as well as health, personal data relating to sex life, unless domestic law provides appropriate safeguards. This applies to personal data relating to criminal convictions,

g) appropriate security measures shall be taken to protect personal data stored in automated data files against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss and from unauthorized access, alteration or dissemination of prevention.

IV. Additional guarantees to safeguard the data subject:

Everyone has the right to

a) become aware of the automated personal data file, its main objectives, as well as the data set operator and habitual residence or principal place;

b) be informed at reasonable intervals and without excessive delay or expense that is stored in an automated data file to your personal information, and shall inform the data in an intelligible form;

c) where appropriate, rectification or erasure of the easiest and fastest way possible and practicable, these data;

d) remedy if information contained in the legislation or, where appropriate, communication, rectification or cancellation request is not met. Her request to the controller information that it processes or processed by a contracted processing data, data management, the legal basis and duration of the processor name, address (seat) and the activities related to data management, as well as on who and for what purpose received or will receive the data. The controller is required in the shortest time from the filing of the application, but not later than within 30 days in writing, provide the information in an intelligible form. The relevant rights infringements against the controller to the court. Damage to the illegal handling of violating the requirements of the relevant data controller or other technical data protection caused obligated to pay. In contrast to the data subject, the controller shall be liable for any damage caused by the data processing as well. The controller shall be exempt from liability if he proves that the damage was outside the scope of data management rain unavoidable cause. You do not have to compensate the damage to the extent that the injured party's willful or grossly negligent behavior came from.

Personal data may be processed only if

a) to the relevant consent or

b) the act or - on the authority of law, within the scope defined in - a local government decree. Act in the public interest - explicit indication of the range of data - may order the disclosure of personal data. In all other cases for the public without the consent of, for specific data written consent. When in doubt, it shall be presumed that the person did not consent to. The contribution must be regarded as information submitted by or transferred for the purpose of disclosure in the public appearance concerned have been granted.

Data management is assigned:

In order to be treated as personal data only for specified purposes, the exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations. At all stages of the data processing must comply with this purpose. No personal data to use, which is essential for realization of the purpose of the treatment, for achieving the goal, only to the extent and for the time necessary to achieve that purpose.

Data transfer, data linking treatments:

The data will be transmitted, as well as a variety of data management may be connected, if consented to or permitted by law, and if the conditions are met for each of the data processing personal data.

Data Security:

The controller or field of activity of the processing required to ensure the security of data, it must also take the necessary technical and organizational measures and establish the rules of procedure to carry out this Act and other data protection and confidentiality rules take effect. In particular, should be protected from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion, damage or destruction against - the data - especially the state secret service secret and classified personal information.

Sun Privacy Policy:

The e-Antique.eu undertakes that users publish a clear, unambiguous statement of awareness and the inclusion of any data, recording and managing before informing him of the survey method, purpose and principles. Moreover, in each case, when the data collection, management, recording no law makes it mandatory for the ANTIKREGISEG.HU alert the user to the data voluntarily. In case of mandatory reporting laws should be indicated in the prescribing information as well. The data subject shall be informed of the data management and ensure that the data who will manage and process the data. Information up to Notice also that the existing law provides data by transfer or coupling of the survey.

In all cases, the data provided by the e-Antique.eu different than the purpose you intend to use the original data collection purposes, it shall inform the user, and to acquire the express prior consent thereto, and give it an opportunity to prohibit their use.

Limitations in collecting, recording and management of data recorded for each case Alepelveknél observes the activities of the parties involved to demand, informed by e-mail. The e-Antique.eu undertakes that no sanctions enforced against a user who refuses to not compulsory service.

The e-Antique.eu commits itself to ensure the security of the data and to take all technical and organizational measures and establish the rules of procedure to ensure that the recorded data stored or handled should be protected, and prevent their destruction, or unauthorized use and unauthorized alteration. Commit itself to any third party to whom the data may be forwarded or transferred, also calls this direction obligations

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