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e-Antiques.eu site business rules

The e-Antiques.eu respect freedom of speech, of expression and freedom of the press and makes sure that the content on the site meet the legal requirements and the rules of good taste.

The ad can not contain content that is inappropriate to the nature of the box; moral rights, burial rights, and rights to protection of personal data breach; promotes violence or personal or public safety, environment and nature encourages harmful behavior; dated sense of fear; which is about the children and adolescents, and physical, mental or moral harm their development, especially when presented in a dangerous, violent, and sexually stressing situation of children and young persons; pornography; Antikrégiség.hu believes that the harm to the Antikrégiség.hu for the Antikrégiség.hu Antikrégiség.hu business partners or service users.

The ad may not include: advertising goods that are produced or marketed against the law, in which he includes not gain tax relief, tax relief or other tax benefit take-promise instead of or actual service ratio, or the available tax benefit in respect of otherwise misleading, deceptive; weapons, ammunition, explosives and public safety advertising especially dangerous devices; the pharmacy may be issued or allowed only limited inpatient medical Medical prescription use and only medical offices, can be obtained by healthcare institutions advertising of medicinal products, unless classified as gyógyszerismertetésnek.

User acknowledges that the information placed on the website, materials, contents information solely responsibility of the user.

The e-Antiques.eu shall have the right, but not the responsibility that the above specification is against advertisements, delete, or to implement adequate proofs of the Hungarian spelling rules.

The ie-Antiques.eu is not responsible for: the accuracy or truthfulness of any information contained on the pages; from any cause szüneteltetésébõl no visitors nor users towards relevant to all or only a part of the service - - even without prior notice; complete shutdown of the operation, any damage resulting from the change; any material or moral damages resulting from the services you need income users.

The Antikrégiség.hu services used by you at your own risk. The e-Antiques.eu in an attempt to keep hold of the services of the highest possible standard.

The e-Antiques.eu r eserves the right contrast with user pause or terminate services for any reason, without prior notice, and any changes or full service temporary or complete elimination of herself.

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e-Antique.eu the international antique and book and book auction advertising site
e-Antique.eu - the Internatinal antique and books auctions site
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